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Has 2018 been the peak of Influencer Marketing?

Written By:
Shannon Liu
21st November 2018

“What is Influencer Marketing?”

Influencer Marketing is the relationship between a brand and an influencer. The influencer will mainly be beauty, fitness and fashion influencers that have a large following on social media. With more people spending time on their smart phones browsing on social media rather than watching television or reading magazines, brands have come to terms with business-to-business tactics being a more effective tactic to promote products, rather than traditional marketing.

How has it become so popular?

Our social feeds are flooded with micro-influencers promoting the latest product with each post, we are un-voluntarily consumed in this by following, liking and commenting on these posts on a daily basis. These posts are disguised well amongst the posts in our feeds, as the influencer has more freedom when it comes to content, incorporating the product into their everyday lives. That is the beauty of using influencers, we as consumers develop a trust with these influencers trusting their recommended product, as they appear more authentic than traditional methods. As we view the influencers as professionals in the area of product they are promoting, making their opinions appear more reliable. We see influencers as some who is more relatable compared to celebrity endorsements – as they are portrayed as being just like us.

With more brands using influencer marketing than ever before in 2018, ‘with 39% of marketers increasing their influencers marketing budget’ showing the significant importance of influencer marketing. Without you realising it, you have most likely purchased a product due to influencer marketing this year whilst scrolling down your social media.  Content has become more original and entertaining, with YouTube videos edited to such a high standard, it could be a short movie. Making the content an easy watch.

Will influencer marketing continue?

One of the main reasons why influencer marketing is around more and more is due to the on-going relationship between the influencer and the brand. This is often found if the influencer has produced content that works well with the brand, resulting in the brand wanting to work with the influencer again and again. Will the trend of using influencers as a marketing tool have the same effect and continue into 2019?