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TIA Individual Influencers

29th July 2019

We have an excited few weeks ahead of us at TIA, our summer social campaign has launched and it’s going to be a very competitive one as we explore the world of Influencer marketing!

We are running an Instagram Influencer challenge in which every member of the team will create a brand-new IG account and see if they have what it takes to be Instagram famous. However, we only have 12 weeks to make it happen. Whoever manages to get the most followers, will be crowned the winner.

The campaign is appropriately named “Individual Influencers” and we have all decided to focus on something we are passionate about. We have quite a variation of topics:

Follow us on our social media channels (#individualinfluencers) to find out how we are getting on and to see who is in the lead. We will be posting weekly updates and pictures!