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TIA’s Favourite Campaigns of 2018

Written By:
Shannon Liu
14th December 2018


2018 has been a busy and exciting year for TIA! We have been involved in some fantastic projects and played a big role in the development of a number of great brands. As a team we have art directed, designed, developed, discussed and even modelled for our clients in 2018 so below are just a few of our highlights…


Account Director Katie’s fave campaign


My favourite campaign of this year is working with The Baker Co. to create a meaningful campaign for the launch of the new GROW products. The campaign really highlights the brand values of Baker and I love that it is completely different to the creative out there in the Science industry. The campaign was super bold and bright. We introduced printed cubes that were a great addition, it really brought the entire campaign to life.


Senior Designer Alys’ project of the year


I loved seeing the Mr Freeze website go live in May. I found designing the website really enjoyable as the website was informative to parents whilst being an engaging, interactive world that is suitable for children. The interactions and animations build upon the playful nature of the brand. It is a website that all of us are really proud of!


Account Manager Olivia’s favourite campaigns


I have a couple of campaigns that I really enjoyed working on this year. Slumberdown and Sleek were two of my favourites in 2018. After working on several photoshoots for Slumberdown this year, it’s been amazing watching the new collateral come together with the new images and videos that we were instrumental in creating. It was great to work with Sleek this year. As a relatively new business, it was great to see the brand come to life through logo development, packaging, launching their new website, POS and designing print marketing elements too.


New Senior Designer Jason has loved 


2018 has been a great year for campaigns in general as well as ones that have been worked on at TIA. As I have recently joined the team, my favourite was working on the DUO Christmas campaign. The campaign was one of the first pieces of work I was assigned when I started. It really captures the essence of Christmas, my favourite part was animating the falling snow on the campaign, giving it a more fun, festive effect.


Junior Designer Josh has worked across a number of campaigns


I have a couple of campaigns that I have worked on this year that I have really enjoyed working on. I have loved creating various assets for Northern Dough Co. over the past few months, as it’s allowed me to be creative and it was a completely new style for the brand. Mr Freeze was also fun and exciting to work on, as the site captures the essence of that brand completely! One of the cutest projects that I was able to work on was the Little Slumbers website, an extension of the Slumberdown brand.


Head of Digital Keiron has launched a number of websites this year


I think I speak for several of the design team when I say Mr Freeze was one of my favourite campaigns to work on. It was a fun website, with the animations and art work. The Baker website was also big project that I got the pleasure to work on, it was a great opportunity to see it kick off a whole new identity for Baker.


Marketing Executive Shannon ended 2018 with us


As I have not been at TIA for long, I have seen and experienced some of the great campaigns that the team have been finishing up or have started to work on, especially in the lead up to Christmas. The creativity and passion that goes into all of these campaigns has been inspiring to watch. I have thoroughly enjoyed having a sneak peak of the Christmas campaigns being developed, especially for Northern Dough!


Managing Director Michelle has had many laughs along the way


There are several campaigns and memories from 2018 that I have loved!


At Trojan, managing the overall brand all year and seeing the impact of the new positioning has been fantastic. The website being given 5 stars in a review by an industry publication was also a top highlight, as the site is so very different to the rest of the industry!


Working with US-based Baker, I loved launching the new GROW products earlier in the year, the whole creative was so impactful and made a big noise in the industry. And our plans for 2019 are just as impactful!


While we’ve worked with Refresco brands for almost a decade, over the last year we have delivered so many fabulous ideas for packaging for a wide range of brands, many of which never get to see the light of day, however it always makes me smile to see how creative we get!


We’ve worked with Slumberdown for a number for years but this year in particular I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Little Slumbers brand development, from the name generation through to the photoshoot and final website, the whole project was a dream (no pun intended!)


TIA memorable moments, that will stay with me til I’m old(er) and grey…


Bringing Billy into the office for the first time (he’s the best office dog!)

Olivia trying to storm the stage to sing with Freddie Mercury at our Xmas party

Being the uniform model at Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records (totally unplanned – a case of wrong place wrong time!)

Being laid on the floor holding down an electric blanket on a Slumberdown photoshoot…everyone thinks photoshoots are glamorous, they are not. Very funny though!

Walking into the BKU awards with the Trojan team (and TIA’s Katie & Alys) wearing our Trojan branded flat caps…as everybody thought we were Peaky Blinders there were a few worried looks!!


Finally, I have to mention Sleek. I am super proud of Sleek owner Emma Tapper as Emma came into our office to work with us for a couple of weeks when she was 17 and now, 6 years later she owns her own business and we have been heavily involved in the brand. It’s great to see smaller brands become successful!